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     These large cats are said to no longer exist it the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, BUT there have been 4 or 5 sightings of what MIGHT be mountain lions (or A mountain lion) and even a fuzzy picture of what MAY be a mountain lion walking out of a cave.

     Speculation is that it might actually be a mountain lion that was someone's 'pet' that either was turned loose or escaped!  Make SURE your camera is handy during your next trip to the Smokies. YOU may be the one that is able to PROVE this majestic cat exists in God's Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

March 14th, 2014 Alleged Spotting Of A Mountain Lion / Cougar!

I stumbled across your website. I live up off of Ski View Drive in Chateau Village in Gatlinburg. I was sitting at my computer and my dog started going crazy. I look out and there is a MOUNTAIN LION walking along Garrett Rd like he didn't have a care in the world!

Trust me....this wasn't no "cat" was pretty tall and had smooth gray hair with a short tail. Big and stalky. It was dusk when he came by.

I had never seen one before! So I looked it up online and sure enough...there was the "kitty" I had just seen! LOL! I never imagined seeing a mountain lion come out this early in spring before seeing the bears!!! 

(Gatlinburg, TN)

October, 2009 Alleged Spotting Of A Mountain Lion / Cougar!

Hey there,

my name is ernest bowes, and i am a church of god pastor, from NC... I was driving our church van to pigeon forge, tn., this past friday night taking our youth for an overnight trip... i went across the great smokey mtn. national park traveling from Cherokee, NC on 441 north at about 9:20pm when I came upon a big big light brown yellowish Cat.... it looked just like a cougar to me.... I've seen pictures of them before from california, and honestly, i couldn't tell the was raining, so that might have something to do with the color of his coat, he was at least 4 to 5 foot in length, not counting his tail, which was a good foot and a half it looked like, as he turned and ran away... it had short very pointed ears, like pyramids.... and he stood about almost 2 foot in hight, i'd guess at least 150 to 175lbs. or so, i have to confess, it tore me up... and shocked me to no end... i've heard about people seeing bears and cubs on that route, but i've never heard of anyone seeing this thing... i found your sight, because i googled about, "are there cougars living in tenn. mountains and found it that way.. and i read ur post and was shocked to learn that people say there are not any big cats in the mtn.s, i'll tell u this, after what I saw, If my car ever broke down on that highway, it was almost to the highest climb on the south side of the mtn. heading up towards gatlingburg that I saw him/her, but, However, "I WOULD NOT WALK OUT FOR HELP", EVER..... I'D STAY RIGHT IN MY CAR UNTIL HELP CAME.... the truth is, they are there! Period.... Catamount? Cougar? Mtn. Lion, call it what u want, I'd say it was a cougar, and a very big one indeed!!! 
Rev. Ernest E. Bowes
Church of God Pastor/ District Overseer

October, 2006 Alleged Spotting Of A Mountain Lion / Cougar!

Ran across your website...don't know if you still update it or not, but I have one for your section on wildlife. My family is from Tennessee, and we visit the Smokies almost every year. In 1996, we were staying in a cabin in the mountains above Gatlinburg. I wish I could remember it's exact location, but it was pretty high up and we looked down onto Gatlinburg. The tram to Ober Gatlinburg passed right over us. This particular cabin didn't have alot of other cabins close by. One of my family member's children and I were exploring the woods below our cabin one day while we were there in the fall of 1996 (October). I personally spotted what we believed to be a moutain lion/cougar some distance from us when we heard a noise in the brush. We hightailed it back to the cabin in a hurry. When we went to the park rangers station, I was surprised to hear that they didn't believe there were still any cougars in the mountains. Anyway, that's my story!
Take care,

October 18th, 2002 User's Family
 Allegedly Spots Wolf AND Mountain Lion!


My family and I went hiking in the Smokies on Friday, October 18.  We took
the Rainbow Falls trail and saw no wildlife all the way up/down except for
birds and squirrels.  It was starting to get dark as we left the trail
parking lot, and as we were driving out of the lot and had just got onto the
paved portion, we saw two amazing sights that I (we) have never personally
seen (I am 48 years old and grew up in Knoxville near the Smokies).

First, a light gray WOLF (not a coyote) quickly jumped right into our path
(about 30 yards in front of us) and he was immediately "startled" at our
headlights, then jumped back up the embankment in about two leaps.  As we
were sitting there just dumbfounded by seeing our first wolf ever and still
affixed on the spot he had just vacated, it appeared that he again leaped
back into the exact same spot in the road ----but this time, it was a
MOUNTAIN LION!!  [If it was actually a Bobcat, then he was on steroids. I
have only seen a taxidermed Bobcat on display at the park rangerís office to
have as a comparison.  This cat was almost the same height (just a bit
smaller) as a tiger one would see at the zoo, but not as heavy.  He appeared
to be light gray with a lighter colored face.  Actually, he looked like I
remember a cougar to look like.

It immediately turned and looked our way, and I flipped my headlights on to
get a better look, and it gave a very angry snarl and struck out with itís
paw in a defensive way, then leaped clear across the road and down into the
thicket (the opposite side of where the wolf went).

This encounter leaves me with several questions.  (1) Are there mountain
lions in the Smokies?  (2) If so, how many sightings have there been?  (3)
Hereís the BIG question:  Mountain Lion or Bobcat, why would we see both a
wolf and lion jump from the same thicket?  Were they in the middle of a
confrontation as we happened upon them?

Thank you for any information you may have.

In Christ,

Mark Denning



There are current rumors of sightings of a mountain lion near my home in

Anderson County, TN. Due to that, I was doing an Internet search and

happened upon your site. I wanted to take a moment to tell you I have

personally seen a cougar a number of years ago on the Gatlinburg side of

the Clingman's Dome parking lot. Three of us got an up close and

personal look as the big cat bounded in front of our car causing a near

miss (or near hit if you will). It was amazing to see such a large

animal in such an unexpected place. I am an avid outdoorsman and this

was unmistakeably a mountain lion, cougar, puma or whatever you choose

to call it but it was a BIG cat that isn't supposed to be in this area.

God Bless,

Mike (Oak Ridge, TN)

Have YOU spotted a wolf of Mtn Lion? Email Us And Let Us Know!

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